How COVID-19 is Affecting Mexico [MAJOR UPDATES]

A LOT has changed in the past 2 weeks in Mexico because of the coronavirus. This is what’s happening in the country & where we’re living.
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It has been two weeks since we updated you on what’s going on in Mexico with the coronavirus. Within a few days of releasing our last video, we saw some major changes happening in Puerto Morelos.

Almost overnight, just about every “non-essential” business in town closed. Those that didn’t close were forced shut by the local government. The changes don’t stop there though. In this video, we’re going to give you the latest updates on what’s happening in our home state and across the country of Mexico including:
– Restaurant/business closures in Mexico
– City and business curfews
– Dry laws & product restrictions
– Police drones & antibacterial-spraying drones
– Military and law enforcement in Mexico
– Are masks required in Mexico?
– Travel restrictions in Mexico (between cities, states, and country borders)
– Hotel, hostel, and rental closures
– New rules and regulations for shopping in Mexico
– Is there panic buying in Mexico?
– Do we feel safe living in Mexico during the COVID-19 pandemic?
– and More coronavirus news updates about Mexico

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  1. Good morning, Tangerineys! ☕️ What is the coronavirus situation like where you’re living? What do you think of what’s going on in Mexico?

  2. Im in oaxaca and we are required to wear a mask and the central has been shut down but I have how are you allowed to stay in mexico do you have to renew your passport or how does it work

  3. Thanks for the report. I have booked 10 days at a resort just south of you (Iberostar) for November. I would appreciate a monthly report on the covid situation. Stay safe

  4. I am sending money to family members so they can eat. My wife went down just as the pandemic hit. She is living in our house in Tlaquepaque and helping where she can. But please guys, only wear the mask when you have to. Eat well and get out.

  5. I live in Villa Park, California we have to wear masks when we go outside. Restaurants are open for takeout and pickup but no indoor seating.

  6. I have been following COV19 in Spain and Spain just recently lifted most restrictions. They have shut down some areas again because people are having parties (birthday, etc.) and the infection rate has gone back up in those areas.

  7. Holaaaaa Maddie y Jordan. Saludos. Los sigo siempre. Espero que sigan disfrutando su viaje en nuestro país y que sean muy felices siempre.

  8. Talking about covid-19 has been around the world since 2019 now people are going to different places stealing from stores in everywhere can I have a gun nowadays to texture things in everywhere

  9. Anyways I give you guys lots of credit for all your struggles are trouble good job have fun enjoy your life even if you going are going through some different experience you miss it in more places than anyone I ever know so that's all you take when you die all you good times and all the bad times nothing else!

  10. You look like you need a haircut once your hair start crawling around your ears you need a haircut that's am I here you get when I was younger now I don't have any hair left

  11. You are correct, here in North Carolina, USA the anti-mask political figures are all over the place and the federal government gave one little stimulus check at the beginning of this madness and now Republicans are wanting people to pay back unemployment help money and they are denying any further help. A friend of ours lost her job and she has fallen victim to so many scams and teachers here are dieing which also makes me cry. I am getting vaccinated as soon as one is available.

  12. curfews seem counterproductive to me because like Jordan says, more people try to get things done in the shorter amount of time so things are busier, causing chaos and crowds. I live in a huge city and this has definitely been the case whenever the city mandated curfews. It just doesn't seem necessary.

  13. Up here in Canada 🇨🇦 a lot have been making masks since it started. My daughter lives in Syracuse, NY and just started to make sone as well. They are so trendy.


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