1 Golden fish

Video Goldfish is an metaphysical by metaphore modern art. On length several minutes of the film spectator sinks in process of the creation gypsum twinning artist. In the beginning on their person and hands is inflicted defensive liquid, then fine layer of the gypsum solution. Wrought from prototype, gypsum mold fixes the fine expression of the boundless tranquillity, – a single possible facial expression under white layer quickly freezing solution. Filled water, mask changes in container; so ability of the artist to create work of art appears due to artistic ambience, where the only thing can exist the goldfishes an idea. The Mask as artistic ambience, fish as artistic idea, missing water of the rift in mask as crisis to generations idea in that that before the last timeses was considered by source of the inspiration, thoughts, – all this together explains need global Sailings in quest of new space, the other island in ocean, the other ambiences, where fish or bird to artistic idea is masterred to nevermore leave its hudozhnika. Exactly so, with small catastrophe of the appearance of the first rifts in person twinning, appears need searching for lost aura high art, appears the intention to go to expedition.

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